Exness Review - What does Exness Group do?

The trading area has been demanded for years and engages thousands of traders looking for favorable conditions to provide bids. Exness is one of the globally recognized brokerage companies which has rounded up excellent opportunities and valuable fintech solutions for traders to accomplish their financial plans.

With its expertise of 12 years, Exness Group has proven to be a trustworthy and secure trading environment with a range of qualified services offered by a well-trained and professional staff. There are hundreds of customers who have been collaborating with Exness across its trading platform. It is a leader in embodying innovative financial technologies into a trading business. Accordingly, this Exness review is to reveal brilliant avenues and solutions it offers for avid traders to succeed in their performance.

Exness Review

What is Exness? What Do We Know About Exness Global?

What is the Exness brand, and how does it perform? These are questions outlined in the Exness broker review. It was established in 2008 and has its headquarters in the UK, Seychelles, and Cyprus. Its international presence enables traders from all over the world to benefit from its high-quality financial and investment service.

All that should know every trader about Exness Global is that it is an online broker with competitive trading conditions carried out in a bilateral way — purchase and sell. It deals with multiple financial instruments like Forex, metals, cryptocurrency, energies, stocks, indices, and others. What makes it different from a traditional securities broker is its unique commitment to offering CFD (Contract for Difference) products on selected trading assets. 

In addition, online Exness supplies its customers with appropriate analysis and research of the financial markets that level its service up and make it full-fledged. For example, spread type and unlimited leverage are among the advantages Exness Global reveals. 

What is Exness?

Is Exness Trusted and respected within the industry?

When it comes to trust and reputation, Exness broker has proven its right to be called reputable and globally recognized. Thanks to the bidding and investment opportunities and secure trading platform, many countries have opened their doors to this forex giant. Therefore, the company could surpass new milestones by meeting required regulations and adhering to legal performance. Due to this, it is more than possible to name Exness trusted and consider it a good broker.

How Is Exness regulated? 

Accepting the preferences of traders and following strict requirements in the market, Exness is legit and regulated by a range of international regulatory organizations. They are the following:

  • UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA);

  • Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC);

  • Seychelles Financial Services Authority (FSA);

  • Central Bank of Curacao and Sint Maarten (CBCS);

  • South Africa Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA);

  • Financial Services Commission (FSC) (in the British Virgin Islands and Mauritius).

Exness Group is Awards winning company

During its existence, the Exness brand has shown brilliant outcomes in its performance. And the number of joint traders, which overpasses 15 thousand new accounts, can be regarded as a great achievement for what it was awarded. Its convenient and perfect brokerage service, customer satisfaction, implementation of high-tech trading, and other features were evaluated at a high level. The main awards the company won are as follows:

  • Best Trading Experience in Forex (Global Forex Awards);

  • Best Global Customer Service Forex (Global Forex Awards);

  • Global Exchange Broker of the Year 2019 (the European);

  • Best Transparent Foreign Exchange Broker 2019 (World Finance);

  • The Most Trusted Broker Forex (Global Forex Awards) and others.

That’s why Exness is a fast-expanding brokerage company providing beneficial conditions for trading and gainful investment in 2021.

Does Exness Company differ from other trading brokers?

As it was mentioned earlier, the Exness company differs from other brokers due to the market complex instruments it uses for trading and particular conditions. First of all, it is accepted and leveraged by Exness customers for the transparency and reliability it offers.

Like any other trading company, Exness has advantages in cooperation. Some shortages exist. But mostly, they are about improving the performance of its trading platform.

Exness pros


  • the highest leverage in the market;

  • high-speed execution;

  • low trading costs and spreads;

  • a big choice of banking systems for deposits and instant withdrawals;

  • free VPS hosting available;

  • a powerful portfolio of trading tools like trading indicators and charting systems;

  • relevant trading platforms like MetaTrader4, MetaTrader5, mobile trading platform, and MT4 web terminal;

  • demo account available;

  • over 90 options for trading account currency;

  • copy trading system.

  • slow operation of the MT5 platform;

  • bad compliance of the mobile trading app with some Android devices

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Market Instruments and Analytical Instruments offered by Exness

Exness operates a raw of key market instruments like forex, cryptocurrency, precious metals, indices, energy, and stocks. Each instrument involves its own average spread, margin requirements, and swap size. Let’s dive into each trading instrument and briefly disclose its peculiarities. 


Forex, also known as the currency or FX trading, involves a favorable environment for companies, financial institutions, and individual traders to exchange currencies for one another. It covers specific concepts engaged in forex trading like:

  • currency pair; cross pair; base currency and quote currency ;

  • bid price and ask price;

  • spread;

  • lot and contract size;

  • pip, point, pip size, and pip value;

  • leverage and margin;

  • balance, equity, and free margin;

  • profit and loss;

  • margin level, margin call, stop out.

Market Instruments and Analytical Instruments offered by Exness


Additionally, forex trading is carried out with crypto that has become so popular nowadays. So, the broker offers the most popular as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and Bitcoin Cash. 

Precious Metals

This is the trading method where the broker uses precious metals like gold, silver, palladium, and platinum on CFD.


At the Exness broker platform, a trader can use stock or equity indices as an instrument to bid. They can be favorable in finding a worthy object to invest in that may represent a set of largest companies or a specific stock market. The company offers  FTSE 100, S&P 500, Dow Jones Industrial Average, ASX 200, US Wall Street 30, CAC 40, DAX, Hong Kong 50, Nikkei 225, NASDAQ-100, Euro Stoxx 50, US Dollar Index.


Stocks are valuable forex instruments used in trading, and each of them represents a unique contract specification. Exness provides a very big variety of stocks to cooperate with. They all are presented on the official websites of Exness.


Due to many influencing factors like extreme weather conditions, political and environmental factors, supply and demand, and global economic growth, energy has become one more trading choice product. In this case, Exness deals with USOil and UKOil contracts.

It is not enough for a trader or investor to decide what trading instrument to choose. In order to undertake to bid on favorable conditions, they need to open an account on the platform. Then, it will be visible what markets and analytical instruments are available due to the type of Exness accounts chosen.

Exness Accounts Types — Standard, Pro, Cent etc.

Before an Exness broker sign up to start trading, it is essential to get to know about what types of trading account it has on offer. There are two main groups differentiated by the commission, Exness spread, leverage, minimum deposit, and other features. They are Standard and Professional that can also be defined as a real or demo account relatively. Each group contains subtypes with their own peculiarities and characteristics. Preferably, a Standard trading account is convenient for all traders with different levels of experience. In contrast, a Professional trading account is more suitable for experienced traders as order executions are operated instantly. Also, after an Exness account sign up, a new trader can leverage a free Demo account available to all existing types, except for Standard Cent trading account.

Exness Accounts Types

How shall I create an account? What Exness account shall I choose?

Since the trader decides to open an account on Exness, they should pass through an Account Registration. It involves entering required personal information that allows the broker to identify and verify a customer. Then, they are offered to choose a real or demo account from the list below in accordance with their trading purposes:

  • Exness Demo account.  It is considered a free-risk account that operates with virtual money.

  • Standard account. This type enables trading on small lots on the complete set of assets available. 

  • Exness Cent account. It is a unique trading account type that deals with cent lots. But there is some restriction on the region where this trading account cannot function. In addition, it is a perfect choice to use the smallest minimum volumes and try out different bargain strategies.

  • Exness Pro account. It is appreciated by professional traders and is excellent for any trading style.

  • Exness Zero account. Creating this account, a trader is recommended to address Expert Advisors, an automated program of control and trading management without the trader’s involvement. It offers zero Exness broker spread on leading 30 market instruments for 95% of the day.

  • Exness Raw Spread account. Pro traders will find a benefit from this trading account:  ultra-low and stable spreads. Also, it differs from other accounts by its particular approach to fixed commissions.

In one Personal Area, new clients can create new trading accounts on various platforms. So totally, it is permissible to open 400 accounts in one Area. 

Account Types

Exness Fees, Spreads and Commissions

When traders register an appropriate account, they will need to get information about commissions taken off depending on the account’s type chosen. For instance, by Exness login and using the Standard and Pro accounts, no commission is charged. But using the Raw Spread account, up to $3.5 of commission fee is charged. The same fee operates on the Zero account and higher.

When it comes to banking methods, Exness broker doesn’t charge any commission fee for deposits and withdrawals. But it is necessary to verify this question with a payment provider. They can take off some percentage of the fee for each transaction made by traders.

Spreads are usually determined in the currency pair in the forex market. It is a difference between the stake and the suggested rate. A unit “pip” (price interest point) is used to represent a change in a currency pair. Thus, one pip is 0,01 for a currency pair with JPY and 0,0001 for all pairs.

Exness Fees, Spreads and Commissions

Exness Broker Leverage and Margin Requirements

Exness broker leverage is an avenue to increase the purchasing power of traders. Thanks to this feature, many traders can leverage a large trading volume with a small number of credited funds. Leverage is a ratio of the trader’s funds to borrowed funds, for instance, 1:200, 1:2000, or 1:Unlimited.

The Exness leverage amount again depends on the account equity and other factors, including the trading terminal chosen. New clients should keep in mind existing leverage requirements and conditions for a particular type. The maximum leverage used is unlimited.

The margin is very related to the leverage. When the leverage goes up, margin requirements go down and vice versa. The reason for such a performance is explained by the dynamic nature of margin. It can be affected by various factors like trading before weekends and holidays, various publications on significant economic news, etc. Thus, it provokes automated changes to Exness leverage.

Exness Broker Leverage

Deposits and Withdrawals — one of the strengths of Exness Global

Exness Global is the leading brokerage in offering brilliant trading services as well as fund transactions (deposits and withdrawals). It doesn’t charge any commission fee for depositing or withdrawing. This funding service is the strength of the company because of its ability to supply traders with:

  • 24/7 access to funds: deposit or withdraw money at any time and even at weekends and holidays;

  • instant deposits and withdrawals;

  • selection of payment methods suitable for any trader;

  • no commission fee.

An only shortage in transactions related to funding can be defined by existing restrictions on a current country where Exness doesn’t operate.

Deposits and Withdrawals

What is the Exness Minimum deposit?

Exness Deposit involves hassle-free funding via convenient and fast banking methods like Bank Cards, Internet banking, Prepaid cards (AstroPay card), e-wallets, Bitcoin, and many others.

When willing to deposit an account, traders will need to follow the  Exness Minimum deposit requirements, which depend on the type of account. For instance, on the Standard types of account, the minimum deposit varies with the payment system used. On the other hand, on the Professional account, the initial minimum deposit should be $200.

Exness Withdrawal System

The same fast-processing transactions and flexible banking methods are applicable to Exness Withdrawal. There are some specific rules to meet when withdrawing money, but the principal one is to use the same funding option opted for deposit. The big advantage of this service is that there is no Exness withdrawal fee.

Exness Trading Platforms

With a reputation as a trusted fintech broker, Exness provides an excellent trading environment for traders and investors to feel safe in every deal they embark on. For this reason, it has the best solutions for them to bid specific assets through various trading platforms. The most popular are MetaTrader4, Metatrader5, Webterminal, and Exness terminal.

MetaTrader 4 (MT4)

MetaTrader4 is a well-recognized trading platform worldwide implemented in the trading community for different reasons. Exness MT4 has a range of benefits:

  • trading with different bargain strategies;

  • auto-trading available through Expert Advisors;

  • instant execution of orders;

  • enriched analytical analysis with diversified instruments (23 objects alongside 30 built-in indicators).

Exness MT4

MetaTrader 5 (MT5)

MetaTrader5 is an advanced version of its predecessor with significant features and tools. Exness MT5 is specifically highlighted for the following extra parameters:

  • MetaQuotes Language 5;

  • Hedging system;

  • Meta Editor;

  • customizable timeframes and additional charts;

  • fundamental analysis (46 graphical objects and 22 analytical tools alongside 40 built-in indicators).

Exness MT5

Trading WebTerminal

WebTerminal supports the same features found in MT4 and MT5 but carries them out as a browser-based trading terminal. Accordingly, WebTerminal is a flexible trading solution that stands out for the following characteristics:

  • high usability and convenience;

  • basic functions available to trade efficiently;

  • speed operations;

  • security of data encryption;

  • various trading operations;

  • quotes provided in real-time;

  • customized price charts;

  • basic analytical objects.

Exness Trading WebTerminal

Exness Terminal

Exness Terminal is the custom-built fintech product by Exness. It is an improved version of WebTerminal that complies exclusively with the MT5 trading platform. It is available only to Exness traders using MT5 accounts. Exness Terminal operates the same features as WebTerminal.

Exness Terminal

Exness Social Trading Platform

Experienced traders often are willing to try new bidding strategies to better their trading performance. Exness Social Trading is an option with fitted features and attractive tools to undertake a new way of trading.

It involves creating an account by a strategy provider in their Personal Area. Investors can see this strategy as it is socially accessible for those who use a respective social trading application. And they can choose to copy the proposed strategies. In such a way, all trades on a particular strategy will be copied onto the client’s investment using a copying coefficient. Only two Exness accounts, Social Standard and Social Pro, can be carried out on the MT4 platform. 

Exness Social Trading

Market Analysis & Research Tools

The Exness company is interested in attracting new customers as well as supplying them with effective alternatives for market analysis and research. In addition, it helps traders stay up-to-date with the latest news about various economic events and releases.

The broker discloses practical options through a market analysis calendar and WebTV. Also, it offers research tools such as VPS hosting, a handy Exness calculator, a currency converter, and statistics like Tick history.

Get Trading Education at Exness Academy

The trading industry is so big and often seems boundless. There are many occasions when traders fail for the lack of knowledge and skills on how to keep a healthy and prosperous trade.

For this reason, Exness Academy provides specific education exclusively for traders who use the trading platforms in Exness. It involves a set of helpful insight tools:

  • online training course on beginner or intermediate levels;

  • ongoing free webinars on how to build a working strategy and succeed in it;

  • direct interaction with Exness experts;

  • insights in the form of informative articles;

  • training videos on market instruments and many others.

Customer Support Team — Exness local support teams

The customer support team is available 24/7 to clients and is open to respond to all their queries via Live chat, emailing, or phone calls. Whatever country contacts the company, they maintain support in 12 different languages. Also, on the Exness website, there is a schedule table where the time zone and accessibility are indicated. So, traders from all over the world can see a convenient time to access the support.

Another helpful and quick-to-access option is a Help Center found on the homepage of Exness. It is a separate page with a FAQ section (frequently asked questions) where clients can find answers to any request they can have.

Exness Affiliate and Partnership Programs

The broker provides more valuable features: Exness affiliate and partnership programs for traders with different trading styles. Exness is a global market leader and knows the key tools and techniques to increase partners’ trading performance and give investment advice. It offers two levels of partnership programs:

  • Exness Partner (Agent): a simple creation of an account with the company and copying the agent link from the personal cabinet. This type of partnership supplies up to 25% of the spread as commission.

  • Exness Affiliate: by filling out a special application, a trader will get access to all services for partners + an increased commission of more than 4% of the spread + commissions from sub-affiliates.

For more information on the benefits of Exness partnering, visit the official website.

Conclusion about Exness Group

Summing up, Exness Group is a reputable market leader that has in store insights and efficient fintech solutions to supply traders with a fair and secure trading environment. It is authorized by respected regulatory entities like CySEC and IFSC. Thus, it is not a scam broker.

It offers excellent trading conditions and dealing services to traders with different levels of experience: eligible Exness accounts and trading platforms. Lucrative terms and conditions are proposed in Partnership programs. Exness Group cares for its clients and is worth collaborating with it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Exness All About?

Exness is an online brokerage firm that provides advantageous conditions for investors and traders to undertake buy-sell operations on trading assets.

Is Exness Trustworthy?

Yes, it is. Exness broker is low-risk and highly trusted, providing instant fund transactions. 

Does Exness have Nasdaq?

Yes, it does. Exness has Nasdaq100 in the list of trading instruments.

How is Exness Regulated?

Exness is regulated by entities CySEC, FCA, FSC (Mauritius), FSC (BVI), FSA, CBCS, FSCA.

How many trading accounts can I have in my Personal Area?

You can have 400 trading accounts in your Exness Personal Area.

How does Exness Trading Work?

Exness trading works only with CDF products on a set of trading instruments. Thus, it functions as a multi-asset broker.

Exness — How to Trade?

You should go to the Exness homepage, create an account on it, choose a fitted group of accounts (real or demo), and then a respective type of Standard or Professional accounts. 

What is the difference between Standard and Pro account types?

The difference between Standard and Pro account types is in order execution (Standard deals with market execution, Pro - instantly), minimum spread (0,3 pips and 0,1 pips relatively), and minimum deposit (for Standard depends on banking method, for Pro - $200).

What is the Minimum Deposit for Exness?

The minimum deposit for Exness varies in accounts and banking methods used for funding. The minimum deposit for Exness Professional accounts is $200. 

Where is Exness Broker Located?

Its registered office is located in Limassol, Cyprus.

Does Exness allow withdrawals on weekends?

Yes, it does. But some delays can be expected.

Is scalping trading allowed on Exness?

Exness offers no restriction in the use of various trading strategies.

Can you trade indices on Exness?

Yes, you can. Exness provides a list of indices to trade.

Does Exness accept Bitcoins?

Yes, it does. Exness incorporates five types of cryptocurrency, including Bitcoins.

What is Exness Social Trading?

Exness Social Trading is another trading strategy carried out by an investor and strategy provider through a respective social trading application.